Chicagoland Toy & Hobbies 40th Anniversary RECAP

Just finished up another drift demo turned drift sesh with the guys. The weather was really against us today while out at the Chicagoland Toys & Hobbies 40th Anniversary event. Once again we would like to thank Chris Jedd for having us come out. After a few hard showers that had us huddled tight in the tent area we decided that it just wasn’t going to work out for us. We packed up, and Mark, Matt, Brent, Rob, Tim, and myself along with John Bieronski & Brandon Reinert (who if you are not familiar with, he won the 2011 RCX Chicago Drift Comp) decided to go to a local parking garage to have a good session. Our new barriers are perfect and after picking up a few more pack we will be all set. After a good sesh we grabbed some Buffalo Wild Wings and relaxed.

Following pictures are from Chris Jedd (Thanks Again)

Matt, Mark, Rob, Brandon

Lastly Chris was awesome enough to get some clips and make a montage:



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