Event 1 Wrap Up

I want to thank everyone that came out and competed last Sunday..Boy was that was fun. I know theres a few glitches with bracket competition, so we are already on it to straighten those problems for Round 2.

We are doing the same points system from last year 
1st Place: 20 Points
2nd Place: 15 points
3rd Place: 10 points

The rest of the competitors that didn’t place will receive 5 points for competing.

Congratulations to our Round.1 Winners 
1st Place: Rob Jakubowski 
2nd Place: Matt Petersen 
3rd Place: Pattrick Anderson 

Chi-Town RC Drift Challenge Points Tally

1. Rob Jakubowski: 20pts
2. Matt Petersen: 15pts
3. Pattrick Anderson: 10pts 
4. Brent Nagy: 5pts
5. Ken Cline: 5pts
6. “Blazing” Barry: 5pts
7. Alfred Mc Donaugh: 5pts
8. Chris Charles: 5pts
9. Casey Day: 5pts
10. John Bieronski: 5pts
11. Tom Lambert: 5pts
12. Erwin Jonson: 5pts 

Hoping to see everyone at Round 2 in Hobbytown Orland Park. Track surface is smooth blacktop and this time we have an big lot and you guys can finally stretch those powerful motors. We will also be doing some scenery and I also believe that Big Squid RC will Cover this round and feature the event on their site.

Thank you


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