Round 1 Media Coverage

We have some great photos of the action during Round 1 from Chris Jedd & John Bieronski.


group group 2 group 3 182978_10151443992995949_133648185_n 484408_10151443992730949_1394724471_n 481890_10151443991095949_839152650_n 581851_10151443992350949_1001936007_n 944415_10151443991355949_487358320_n 971243_10151443991500949_1386775255_n


Be sure to check out more from Chris on his flickr: CJedd


485571_10151391289846345_784417866_n 922870_10151391282886345_600745320_n 942960_10151391289246345_571278017_n 431870_10151391283676345_279322604_n 482485_10151391283966345_1750144627_n 387585_10151391283346345_791119218_n 934128_10151391282921345_225664001_n 480203_10151391287216345_305197437_n 970270_10151391284646345_1363349747_n 971166_10151391290341345_1613904551_n 960019_10151391289056345_1455624970_n 942795_10151391284266345_385668882_n 923430_10151391283306345_796084230_n 316186_10151391289446345_1217142809_n Check out more photos from John on his flickr: John Bieronski Photography




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