Another -via for the tandems

Mark finished his latest Yokomo Onevia to join the S13 tandem team. With a beautiful shine from his signature metallic blue, it’s hard to miss. Truly a great color combo when these are all slidewayz.

IMG_0852IMG_0821 IMG_0833 IMG_0835


S13³ Feature

Take a further look into these triplet S13s made by our members Alfred, Chris and Craig.

Craig — Yokomo Type C


SSG Chassis Kit

Active A-Arms

Wrap Up Y-Arms


Overdose CVDs

Graphite Driveshaft

Rear 1.8 CS Gears

1IMG_0838  IMG_0836s2  IMG_0839 IMG_0855IMG_0856IMG_0858


Chris — Tamiya VDF II


High Angle Knuckles

+12mm Extenders

1.8 CS (Rear belt/pulley)


Eagle Racing Magnet Mount

Speed Passion Pro + Dokyo 8.5T Motor

Tetsujin Power Cable

IMG_0841IMG_0844232  IMG_0843IMG_0842 IMddG_0843 IMG_0860 IMG_0861

Alfred — Eagle Racing R31 16FM


10 Degree Castor Blocks

1.8 CS

Eagle Racing Magnet Mounts

Speed Passion Pro + Dokyo 10.5T

IMG_0849IMG_0dd845IMG_08k49 IMG_0845  IMG_0850 IMG_0846IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866

Member Feature: Mario’s FXX-D S/Yokomo S14

Starting off our weekly member’s chassis/body feature with Mario’s immaculate FXX-D S and Yokomo S14. On to the details and pictures

Chassis:  MST FXX-D S


Speed Passion 13.5t Reventon Pro

Hobbybest 12g wires

Hobbywing Capacitor

Savox 1251

Futaba GYC430 (gyro)


MST Large Front Bumper

MST 30g Weight MST Rear Bumper


3racing Teflon Coated Shock Body

Yeah Racing 3 Hole “V” Pistons 30wt all around

MST Rear Camber (blue)

MST Aluminum 5.8 Balls


MST FXX VIP Steering Arms (silver)


MST Reinforced Drive Shaft (silver)


MST Aluminum Front Bumper (blue)

MST Aluminum Wire Clamp (blue)

MST Aluminum Brake Set MST Calipers (silver)

MST Aluminum Shock Caps and Spring Retainers (blue)

MST Aluminum Suspension Mounts (blue) MST Aluminum Joint Ring (silver)


Yokomo 1093 Speed Silvia S14

Tamiya PS-59, backed with silver

Wrap-Up next decals

Speedway Pal High Mount

MST TMB Copper wheels

Speedline Narrow tires front, MST CSR tires rear


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Parking garage photo shoot

Small photoshoot featuring twin Yokomo S13’s, Yokomo Koguchi 180’s , R2 Hobbies Evo 9 Voltex Widebody and a pandora Subaru Hatchback all owned by 2 of our members Alfred and Chris. This shoot was then shut down by the CPD, with a photo to prove it below.

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