S13³ Feature

Take a further look into these triplet S13s made by our members Alfred, Chris and Craig.

Craig — Yokomo Type C


SSG Chassis Kit

Active A-Arms

Wrap Up Y-Arms


Overdose CVDs

Graphite Driveshaft

Rear 1.8 CS Gears

1IMG_0838  IMG_0836s2  IMG_0839 IMG_0855IMG_0856IMG_0858


Chris — Tamiya VDF II


High Angle Knuckles

+12mm Extenders

1.8 CS (Rear belt/pulley)


Eagle Racing Magnet Mount

Speed Passion Pro + Dokyo 8.5T Motor

Tetsujin Power Cable

IMG_0841IMG_0844232  IMG_0843IMG_0842 IMddG_0843 IMG_0860 IMG_0861

Alfred — Eagle Racing R31 16FM


10 Degree Castor Blocks

1.8 CS

Eagle Racing Magnet Mounts

Speed Passion Pro + Dokyo 10.5T

IMG_0849IMG_0dd845IMG_08k49 IMG_0845  IMG_0850 IMG_0846IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866


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