Matt’s Street Jam OTA R3R 290mm / Street Jam GS350

IMG_5609 IMG_5436 IMG_5434 IMG_5445

IMG_5615 IMG_5616 IMG_5626 IMG_5618

IMG_5536 IMG_5537 IMG_5538 IMG_5539 IMG_5541  IMG_5540


Chassis: StreetJam OTA R31 R3R 290mm CF upgrade
SJ C-FRP damper stays front/rear
Tamiya TRF dampers with Kazama Innards
SJ Aluminum Front Bumper brace
SJ R3R Bulkheads front /rear
SJ R3R Aluminum
SJ R3R C-FRP Side Beams
SJ R3R Front pulley holder
SJ R3R Aluminum rear pulley holder
SJ Aluminum cooling motor mount
SJ Aluminum pulley supports front and rear
SJ Aluminum suspension mounts (Fronts:+1, +1)(Rears 0, +1)
SJ Aluminum wiper arms (modified with mst wiper connector bearings)
SJ Aluminum rear solid axles
Reinforced steel axle cups
Reinforced steel axles
MST side servo mount
WUN front lower arms with MST inserts.
SJ titanium pulley holders
EA aluminum pulleys
SJ R3R aluminum rear hub carriers
Tamiya TA05 upper arms
Overdose ball cups
WUN 10mm extensions up front
WUN front hub carriers
Rear active camber w/ HB rear shocks on MST soft springs

OB1 V3.0 Light Kit

Speed Passion Rev R 13.5 Combo

Mikuni Factory Gnosis wheels +11 F, +9 R
Raikou hard tires front
RC art derive rear
MST aluminum rotors/hubs

Body SJ GS350
LXF design aeroset
WUN decals


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