Ben’s DIB Tal Shi R



Yokomo DIB Tal Shi R




Yokomo FCD 1.5

Grade Up 1 Gunmetal

Grade Up 2 Blue

2 x Upper A Arms (custom mounts)

Team Suzuki Rear Suspension Arm (modified to fit DP hubs)

Servo Mount

IMADOKI battery mount (custom weight shift mount)

Active Aluminum washer dark blue

Aluminum washer gunmetal

Adjustable CVDs (Rear)

Upper arm mount

D-Like Hopping Dog Bones (Front)

DL249 3800 steering block left

DL250 3800 steering block right

Overdose Servo horn

Slide Rack Bumper support


Silver Ball end caps

RC 926 KN Kikaku Hybrid

Damper Springs

KN Kikaku Hybrid Spring Seats

KN Kikaku DP Rear Hub Type 2 0°

RC Art Mono-Shock mounts

DS Racing Bagi Suspension

CS ratio 2.0

Front -.5 Square 12T Center Pulley Sakura 45T Front Pulley (front shock tower removed)

Rear +1.5 Yokomo 1.5 FCD Eagle Stealth mount (rear) Integy Stealth mount (front)


Body: Yokomo  Team Samurai FC3S




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