Matt’s SJ R31 Rear Motor Conversion 180sx


Chassis: Streetjam R31 Rear motor conversion
Steering: Streetjam slide rack
Front bumper: STJ weighted (30g)
Main front and rear suspension mounts are Rc-art for r31
Lower suspension mounts: STJ r3r (F:+1,+1)(R 0, +1)
Upper arms front: Yokomo Type C
Upper arm supports: Rc-art ce-rx/r31
Lower arms front: MST
Front knuckles: WUN v2
Rear knuckles: Stock STJ
Lower arms rear: Stock STJ
Servo mounts: Upright aluminum MST
Suspension: R-ER hybrid w/ RC-art suspension mounts
Front wheels/tires: Scale Dynamics 10-offset w/HPI t-drifts
Rear wheels/tires: Streetjam Racing Harts 10offset w/ MST red dots
STJ R3R Front and rear bulkheads
Rear pully: RC-art 15t
Pinion: STJ 27t
Spur: Stock
Spur Gear holder: M’s weighted
Hubs: MST aluminum 26mm rotors
Rear axles: Stock STJ extended w/ Team Durango dust boot axles (short)
Usukani 30mm fan cover and Usukani front steering link
Motor/ESC: SP Reventon Pro 1.1
Gyro: GWS
Diffuser: Shaved shock STJ
Servo: Savox shorty
Servo arm: WUN adjustable length
Body ABC hobby early 180sx (Pignose)
Rear spoiler: ABC ver 2
Paint: Tamiya racing green and white,  tamiya undercoating. WUN 3D rear center tailight and turn signals for rear. Sharpie (brush type) marker used for the the red in the brake lights. Tamiya amber for front signals. Tamiya Smoke was used for tints.
Intercooler: Integy 26mm
OB1 Lighting kit.

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