In 2010 a thread started on the Chicago car-based internet forum JDMChicago was posted. This new thread caught the eyes of many users on the site, including AJ Anderson who is the Marketing Director for NOS Energy. Not even 10 minutes after the thread was started AJ announced that NOS Energy was going to be hosting drift competitions, and events.

Mark Dela Paz started going to meets and several shop open houses to drift, like the FIZZ Auto open house where he met Dave Prince. During fall of 2010 the hype was getting bigger and bigger and at one point that they met Chase Spitzer who happens to be a real RC Enthusiast and an Admirer of RC Drifting, who began to push people to put out more meets and gathering and to that point that. A few months later during the biggest Midwest RC Drift area met Matthew Youkhana.

Dave decided that it would be much easier to create a facebook page where RC Drifters in the Chicago and Midwest Area would be able to connect. Midwest Slidewayz started a little under 2 years ago and the group today has grown to over 140 people including some from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and even California, and Texas. The group page however is more of a open forum and TEAM MIDEWEST SLIDEWAYZ are the core members.

Currently Co-Founder Dave Prince still graces the group page with his presence, but has most of his focus into his real S14 getting it drift ready for events. Co-Founder Chase Spitzer has since moved now living out in California.

The Team now participates in the annual NOS Energy KING of RC DRIFT competition. They also have been getting invited to host demos at many car events, and shows around the Chicago area. Big plans are in store for them as they continue the season and hope to accomplish a lot in the future.

Founders: Mark Dela Paz, Dave Prince, Matthew Youkhana, Chase Spitzer

Current Team: Mark Dela Paz, Matthew Youkhana, Vidal Saldivar, Brent Nagy, Rob Jakubowski, John Risos, Erwin Jonson, Timothy Gomez

Supporters:NOS ENERGY DRINK, Al’s Hobby Shop 


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