CTH After-hours session/BBQ 10/19

Great time, good people, awesome food and even better driving. Huge thanks to Greg at CTH for giving us these opportunities to stay late.

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iHobby 2014 Day 2

Was a great event over all, despite the fact we had our track area cut short. 20 drivers total, about 25-30 chassis hit the track. Had our friends from MSS drive over and our new friends from St. Louis Sliderz came up!

Great people, great time…

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New home track

Recently set up our new home track at Chicagoland Toys and Hobbies located on the Northwest side of Chicago. The track is about 20 by 30ft with a sealed epoxy surface. For skill levels, it consists of a larger track area for beginners and a shorter kidney bean track for advanced drivers (CS/RWD).

Track hours: M-TH   3pm-6pm

F 3pm-8:30pm

Sat 10am-5pm

Sun (Oct-May) Noon-4:30pm

Track fee: $10

Tables/Power/Heat/Restrooms provided.

Restuarants/Fast food nearby: Subway, Bangkok Belly, Superdawg, Brandys, Phils Pizza, Wendys, McDonalds

5min from the Kennedy Expressway (Nagle Exit 82A)

Saturdays are the most popular drift days, usually bringing out 3-5 members. New drifters have been showing up which is great, we have skill levels from 50/50-CS-RWD.