Erwin Jonson

Erwin has been in RC for over 20 years.  It started off with his friends bashing off road trucks and buggies in front of their houses and parking lots and moving into on road drifting and racing.  After watching the Korean RC Street drifting videos from Youtube he was instantly hooked.  Continually amazed by the skill and the attention to details that most drifters put into their rigs he couldn’t get enough.  Being a Tamiya fan he picked up a few used TT01’s to get started then quickly moved to a TA05-IFS for the adjustability and tuning options.   He met Mark though on road racing and joined the group in 2011.  Addicted to the scale end of the hobby, he has helped to build scale buildings for the events and demos.  Always a team player, he is willing to lend a hand or troubleshoot a vehicle. 

– RC On-Road racing and Rock Crawling
– Biking
– Off Road Four Wheeling

– Tamiya TA05-IFS 
– Tamiya TT-01

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