John Risos

Being an Rc car enthusiast is not old news when it comes to John. Starting off at a young age, it has been resting in his blood. John got hooked onto Rc drifting after he came across some videos of Rc cars drifting on Youtube. He clicked on the videos and instantly he was hooked. He went into his garage & dusted off his old Hpi Nitro Rs4 and tried to mimic what he saw on the videos. Quickly he realized he needed to switch to electric. Starting with an Hpi E10 & then went on to getting an Hpi Sprint 2 in which he customized and modded numerous times. After spending his early years of drifting constantly modding the sprint 2, the road has now taken him away from being the mad scientist to a more refined tuning style. John’s love for this hobby is so deep that he usually is one of the first at an event to help set up and one of the last to leave. He really feels this hobby is great and has potential for an awesome future. So as much as he can, he strives to be a part of every moment.


-HPI E10
-HPI Sprint 2
-Losi XXX-s 50/50 & CS

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