Mark Dela Paz

Marky Paz
Mark sits at the head of the table for Midwest Slidewayz. He spends much of his free time organizing events, and gatherings, always trying his hardest to put the groups name out there. He has been a fan of Drifting since 2003 during his high school days. A huge fan of Mr. Isami Amemiya and the RE Amemiya tuning company. In 2009 he caught onto RC Drifting, and after reading up on them through forums including Chicago’s very own JDMC, he decided to pick up a HPI Sprint 2. Since then Mark has owned or still owns some of the twelve other chassis he has had in his possession. Currently Mark has big plans for the team including collaborations with other companies to expanding the Midwest RC Drift culture to show we can keep up with the rest of the world.
-RC On-Road Racing
-RC Off-Road Racing
-Tamiya TB-03 IFS CS2.0
-Yokomo Type-B CS1.8
-2010 Nos RC Drifting Competition Judge
-2012 Nos King of RC Drift Competition Judge

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