Vidal Saldivar

Irish Car Bomb
In 2006 it was just another day skating with friends downtown, but his attention drew elsewhere. As they skated along the lakeshore, they could hear screeching tires in the distance. Turns out that it was Formula D’s last apperance at Soldier Field in Chicago. After getting his first glimpse of drifting he was hooked, and bought his first 240sx a few months later, in hopes of learning the art. Since then he has been through three S-Chassises, all filled with glory and despair. In high school he heard about RC Drifting, just never decided to cough up the money towards it since it was all being dumped into his real car. In 2008 he realized that being a student on a budget a real drift car fund wasn’t going to be easily accomplished, so he gave into buying a E10 to mess around with and keep him busy. During college downstate at SIU he eventually got in touch with the rest of the MWSW guys and went to the Tuner Galleria car show. His first time on an actual RC track got him addicted. Still on the same path his basement is filled with car parts waiting to get his hands on another S-Chassis, and he uses RC Drifting as an output to hang with his friends and just slide around.
-Car Builds

-HPI Sprint 2
-HPI E10 (x2)
-2012 NOS King of RC Drift – RD. 1 3rd Place
-INSTAGRAM: @irishcarbombchi

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