CTH After-hours session/BBQ 10/19

Great time, good people, awesome food and even better driving. Huge thanks to Greg at CTH for giving us these opportunities to stay late.

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Member Feature: Matt’s RWD Street Jam OTA R31

Street jam OTA R31
Tamiya aluminum suspension upgrade
Tamiya ta06 solid rear
Futaba receiver
Custom Tamiya ta05 upper control arms.
Custom ta05 lower control arms.
Rc4wd upper tie rod extensions.
Team Losi tie rods
Traxxas ESC
Active hobby heat sink fan
Camber Front  2.5
              Rear   0
Custom TT01 rear active suspension
Yokomo Chaser
Tamiya camel yellow
Yokomo koguchi decals
R2 Hobbies aluminum wing
Yokomo light buckets
HPI Work SP1 wheels 3mm F
HPI Work XT7 wheels 9mm R
IMG_1892  IMG_1903IMG_1894IMG_1901IMG_ff1894 IMG_1883IMG_1881 IMG_1898 IMG_1900 IMG_1899 IMG_1895    IMG_1889

CTH Vol 2 & 2.5

Volume 2/2.5 have been released!

Check out the new intro in Vol 2.0, more of a laid back edit but some sweet footage from our “afterhours” session.

Here’s 2.5, features a chase cam of RWD and some more CS tandems!

Stay tuned for Vol 3